Tomorrow May Be Too Late

Some things you can safely postpone … organising family data and documents isn’t one of them.

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If you have ever been involved in handling an estate, either as a beneficiary or an executor (or both), you will be familiar with the question: Where on earth do I start?

Most people do one of three things:

  1. go to the family lawyer,  or
  2. buy a DIY ‘how to be an executor kit’, or
  3. go to the Public Trustee.

However, without the right information and supporting documents easily available, the clock starts ticking … and costs can balloon out of control.

Our job is to help you prepare for ‘the unexpected’ and to have everything instantly available no matter when you need them, no matter where you are.

Terms like Grant of Probate, Responsibilities of a Trustee, Letters of Administration and Authorised Executors are foreign to most who encounter them for the first time.

And few, if any, realise that between the passing of a loved one and the distribution and settling of an estate, there are frequently more than 50 (yes, fifty) separate steps.

Clearly some guidance is needed, and that’s where our mentoring service comes in. As your estate mentors, it’s our job to use modern tools to help you through the essential steps even before seeking probate.

Our approach saves you significant time, effort and money.

And it all starts with a simple, no-obligation chat using plain, clear language. That’s what we do.

What is Estate Planning?

For most, the words ‘estate planning’ conjure up an end-of-life scenario; this flies in the face of the fact that estates are what we all build from an early age, and what we live off throughout life’s journey; no matter our age, if we have one dollar in a bank account, we have an estate. That said, there are certain aspects of estates that are always worth noting, in simple English:

  • The critical thing about estate planning is to acknowledge that, because we never know what’s around the corner, it’s essential to always have the right information and the right documents in the right place at the right time whenever that might be.
  • As well as on dying, such information is also required when other events occur, such as: divorce, dementia, downsizing, fire, flood and, of course, farewell – each such event (and many similar) requires us to be prepared for the eventualities we call ‘the vulnerabilities’.
  • End-of-life estate planning is preparing for the transfer of our wealth after our passing; assets, life insurance, pensions, real estate, cars, personal belongings, and debts are all part of our estate and, no matter how complex, they must be available for the executor of our estate to find easily because, if not, the expense to discover them can be ruinously high.

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I was introduced to John in 2016.  Being at an age where I am only a few years away from retirement, I have been very privileged to have met you.  There were things that I never knew about or understood however with all the hard work you have done in the background, it makes it look so easy to understand. 

The wonderful thing is that it has given me a peace of mind with one thing less to worry about-I know that I can always count on you for any advice and point me into the right direction.   Admire your amazing work.

“I went to John about firstly my TTR, in this he was a great help and recently I have been dealing with John to prepare me and my finances for retirement. He did a whiteboard demo and sat and talked with me until I totally understood all I needed to. He is a friendly caring person and great to chat to. I am very pleased with his services and very confident that I will have a wonderful retirement thanks to his advice.”

Previous to accessing the advice of John I had never been to see a financial advisor so I was quite nervous. From the first meeting day my concerns were allayed. John was easy to speak with, explained everything well and he always followed up with plans that we discussed. Also, if a phone call was made to him and he was not available to speak with you at that time he would always call or email you back.
I have been extremely happy with the service and advice he has provided and highly recommend him.


We have used John on many occasions to assist us with our finances & insurance needs, we found John to be very helpful & capable also he was a great help and assurance with advice when having to place our parents in care.



John’s experience and expertise was obvious to me when I met him.  He understood my financial concerns and designed a plan which was greatly beneficial for me financially and with my estate planning. We have regular reviews and he is easily assessable. My only regret is that I didn’t meet him 20 years ago.




I would like to highly recommend John’s estate mentoring service- John is professional and provides an invaluable service. I have known John for 5 years





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